Friday, July 07, 2006


Best Present Ever

Aunt Deb is having a birthday, and what better present to take out to California with us than a warshcloth and a new bar of shea butter soap? I've bought enough yarn to make a set like this for the nine ladies who work in my husbands' office... but I'm gonna need more yarn to cover the teacher presents for next school year.

There will always be a ballband on my needles. Posted by Picasa

Hi April, our girls were here for the 4th and I had made three warshcloths for our oldest daughter and wrapped them around new soap as a gift. I also gave soap a cloths to a friend for her birthday. The neatest thing is I found some knitted/crocheted washcloths in a very fancy gift shop. The ladyin the shop went on and on about how great they are for facecloths since they exfoliate while they clean. Everybody I know is getting them! I shift patterns, using the warshrag pattern,and then I used the burp rag pattern, and then I used something else. Thanks for sharing. Virginia in Wa.
The soaps everyone uses are so varied and pretty. Where are you finding them? I hardly know where to begin other than the obvious bath and body shop, etc.

I have some cloths needing a soap bar to make a gift. . . . thanks for your ideas!
Lovely, I'm sure the recipients will love them. I make homemade soap and am thinking of making some matching ballbands to pack up like this for gifts too.
You can find great soaps in all gift shops, pharmacies and even in grocery stores. I also check out farmers markets for local homemade varieties. Health food stores always have nontoxic soaps with olive oil, etc. My friends love gardeners soaps for washing hands after working in the garden.
TOO CUTE. Thanks for the idea, esp. for teachers gifts. What a lovely little package!
Denise: I purchased a few bars of this Mistral soap while vacationing in Maine one weekend... and searching online, I found it through's store eBubbles. 11 bars of soap showed up in the mail just the other day!
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