Friday, July 07, 2006


Starting the mitered square project

So I was all set to buy Sonata, becuase of the recomendations I had recieved daughter and I took a drive to the not so local yarn shop, to spend my birthday money and they had cotton classic on sale. It was $3 a skien. so I bought a bunch. I wanted to use Cotton classic in the first place because I had some left overs from another project but I didn't have very much and I didn't want to spend $5-$6 a skien. Here is a picture of what I bought and what I already had. It's not a very good picture. It's very bright and sunny today.
I'm about to be very very busy winding yarn.

Edit: Tried taking a new picture in the living room still too bright.

I'd be sitting there sorting it into color groups, then other groups, then into how I'd like squares, then into how I'd like other squares. Then I'd throw them in a big pile again and just thank heavens that I have this lovely, beautiful STACK of yarn. I cannot wait to see what you do w/ all this beauty! Thanks for sharing! -- Sally
good deal on the TCC! i love that yarn (though I have to say the sonata makes a good substitute in case you were wondering! different colors though)

i'm sure it will look fantastic!
Where did you get CC for $3?
Trust me there was sorting and resorting and holding lovenly.
I just finished winding it all into yarn cakes and have it piled on my desk so I can admire the pile for awhile. I also cut a little piece off each one and made myself a swatch card.
I bought the yarn at a tiny little yarn shop here in California, they don't have a website and there hours are strange, actually the owners are a little strange as well. I don't shop there much, its a good 45 minute drive, and its small. My favorite yarn shop is 45 minutes in the other direction but its a better drive and a much nicer, bigger store but they don't carry CC.
There are 28 skiens there in case you want to know. 27 different colors. The pattern calls for 40 skiens. I may make it smaller otherwise I'll need more yarn.
$3 each? Such a great deal!
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