Tuesday, July 11, 2006


It's here!

My Canapone from Elann.com arrived yesterday and its gorgeous! (I'm hoping I can use this as a more affordable substitute for Euroflax linen for the hand towels) The colors are so rich, I promptly cast on, I couldn't wait to work with it. I haven't even finished my first towel in the Euroflax linen yet! At first I thought the hemp seemed softer, but it worked up pretty similar to the linen only shinier.

I am a little concerned though the Canapone calls for size 3! When I started my first towel in linen I ripped it out and started over with smaller needles because I just can't seem to knit tight enough when moving back and forth between knit and purl stitches. Hopefully I'll have one of each done soon so I can share. Anyone else finished a hand towel yet?

On the needles: Absorba (still, I can't get motivated to finish it), Hand towel using linen and hand towel using hemp, wash cloth.
Happy Knitting

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This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I'm holding onto my wallet as tightly as I can, but I MAY have to break loose and purchase! What about the absorbency?
hemp yarn has a pretty high absorbency, its feels very similar to the euroflax linen so I imagine it will be about the same. I'll pass along more info once I get them both knitted up and I'm using them.
Hi! I've been haunting this KAL through Bloglines for a bit. I just wanted to share that I also ordered some Canapone from Elann (which arrived yesterday after being ordered on Friday — talk about speedy!) with the intent to use it for the hand towels. I have a couple of friends that just recently bought homes, so I think they'll appreciate the gift.

Anyway, I look forward to your experience! Please keep us posted!
Very cool, I can't wait to see one completed in this. Please post one of a completed or some progress. I love the colors.
Hemp is very absorbent! It's used in cloth diapers and is considered THE fiber of choice for both absorbency and long-wearingness...(probably not a word, but oh well!)

I really want to hear how that yarn works out.
Thanks Bobbi, can't wait to see how they come out (and on what size needles). I'm pretty averse to anything sounding that they need needles so small, but the price seems right.
wonderful colours!
i've been looking at doing the linen towels out of the linen yarn the pattern calls for, but i have a question:
can you actually use them? like, on your body and/or your face?
or are they just for decoration?
You can actually use them, linen feels a little rough at first but after a couple of washes it softens up.
Do you think there's enough yardage in one skein of the hemp, or will it end up taking maybe two?
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