Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Mitered squares and Dishcloths

I started my mitered squares last night. I thought they would take longer then they did. They are actually pretty quick. I also started a dishcloth this afternoon. It was a hard day teaching summer school and I needed a moment of quiet.
I am really happy with both of these projects. I am wondered though...the edges of my mitered squares are not perfect. The side where I carry the extra yarn is a little wonky. It probably will be fine when I block it and sew it to the next block but I just wondered if it's suppose to look that way or if I'm doing it wrong.

Great colours. The sides do look wonky, but it will all be fine in the sewing up--I didn't even block mine, actually, before sewing.
Oh good, I'm glad to hear that.
I was thinking it was probably fine but I wanted to make sure.
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