Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Noro Log Cabin!

This is my first post...even though I have made many a warshrag and burpcloths...this log cabin using Noro Kureyon in color 154 is my best work yet. I am making this for my Brother (he and his wife are expecting a baby girl in September). I am thinking of lining it w/flannel so that one side will be soft for the baby...any thoughts on how to keep the two sides together? Oh, and I do plan on washing (not felting) first so that any shrinkage occurs before lining. I would welcome any suggestions people have!

It's gorgeous! I made a Silk Garden baby blanket to tuck in around the (bundled) baby in the stroller in winter, and didn't line it since the blanket would not touch skin or get drooled on (much!) etc. It's kind of tricky sewing cloth to fabric but I'd love to see how you end up doing it! xox Kay
Your blanket is turning out amazing. the colors are so gorgeous!
That looks awesome!
Gorgeous colors. I agree, I would line it as the noro is beautiful but not as soft as you might like for a baby. Flannel now comes in great colors and prints - I've seen some that would be perfect for your colors. Try Keepsake Quilting or look online under cotton flannel - marcus brothers is a good line, but I know I've bought some at Keepsake that would be perfect. I'd preshrink it, be sure you're on a straight edge (you can rip to be sure and then cut), then iron it, then turn under the edges 1/2 inch and sew to the blanket leaving a 1/2 inch of knitting showing. Finally I would tie the back to the front using a curved needle with a sharp point, making a grid of about 6" squares, or whatever around that makes sense for your front pattern. Use the yarn from your knitting so the colors work. You can tie on front or back. Tie with a square knot and cut ends to about 1". As you can probably tell, I quilt as well as knit, and this is pretty standard and should work well and be easy. Good luck - please let us see the finished product.
I love your blanket. How many skeins did it take and what are the measurements? The colourway is really beautiful.

The current size is almost a yard square and has about 5 and 1/3 skeins knitted (I bought 8 skeins). Thanks for all your nice comments and thanks Annie for your may be dangerous for me to go into a quilting store. I may come out with a new hobby!
Your blanket is SO BEAUTIFUL!
Absolutely gorgeous.

As per the backing, I didn't use flannel, but I backed a knitted backgammon board with plain cotton using my sewing machine, a triple stitch and a larger needle. It was not fun, but the finished product was cute. I just had to be sure to go slooooow and not stretch the knitted fabric as I went. (When I say slow- it took my two hours to do a 16x30' backing. When I was done, I thought it would probably have been easier and less stressful to just blanket stitch by hand....)
When I first saw this blanket, I started mumbling incoherant sounds resembled oohs and ahhs.

This is absolutely beautiful!
It is goregous!!
Love it
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