Thursday, July 13, 2006


Hi, I'm Amyde and I'm obsessed with Warshrags....

Somehow I think I'm not alone *grin*. I am back to the ballband cloths (after a brief visit to the isle of crochet) and I love them all. They make perfect gifts, they work great, you can make them out of ANY cotton and they never complain!

I am so consumed with working on washcloths - be they knitted or crocheted, that I made a cute little tote bag to carry around on my arm. It's perfect and it holds both balls of yarn (with room to spare), my needles, and a copy of the pattern (just in case you haven't memorized it by now).

I love it. I can grab it and go and it's so much better than the ugly old ziplock I was using.

Farm Jr. Farm Jr. in use

It was so much fun to make that (like the washcloths) I have made several - OK I made 12! Please visit my blog to see them all and pick on up for yourself.

Thanks guys for all the inspiration and encouragement you always offer. I am so glad to be part of this group and I am having such fun!


i love your cute! beautiful job.
Love the bag, it might even get my truck loving nephews into knitting.
Oh my gosh, your totes are adorable! Do you only sell them online or do you have a physical shop?
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