Thursday, July 13, 2006


Intro and FO!

MD KAL Hi, all! I'm Crimson. I'm the office manager at a small town newspaper in Iowa. I'm 23, and I've been knitting for three or four years now.

My first Mason-Dixon FO is a ballband dishcloth, as you can see. I finished it while watching Project Runway last night. (I'm so obsessed with PR!) I immediately cast on for a coordinating one in the opposite colors. (The yarn's Sugar N Creme, by the by.) So far, so good!

I'm loving MDK. I've already got lots of family members lining up for the warshrags, and one of my cousins requested a blanket. (I told her that she probably won't get it until she graduates — she just finished third grade.) It's going to be log cabin style, in blue and green. I'm also planning a couple of sets of hand towels (in Elann's hemp yarn) as housewarming gifts.

Great work, y'all!

crimson mittens

Like your dishcloths! I'm addicted to PR too!
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