Friday, July 14, 2006


Start of a Log Cabin

I've really enjoyed seeing all the things that everyone is working on so I decided to finally get the book and get started on my own projects.

I've already knit several of the ballband dishcloths using up a stash I had of Peaches n' Cream. I really have been drawn in by all the log cabin creations I have been seeing, so I have decided to start one.

I decided on using Mission Falls Cotton for my version. I ordered the yarn this week and it arrived today. I already have a swatch in the washer. I'm planning on making the afghan out of individual squares. I'm not sure how many or how large the squares will be. I hoping to finish working that out this weekend and get one of the squares knitted. Hopefully I'll have progress to post soon.

I love looking at piles of yarn!!
Looks like you have some great colors there. Good luck with you Log Cabin. I can't wait to see your progress.
great colors! may i ask where you ordered your yarn? i thought mission falls had stopped making the 1824 cotton.
piles of yarn make me smile! i want to just dive in! haha! great color choices..can't wait to see it worked up. knit on!
They did start making it again. I ordered mine from Webs. I ordered it on a Monday and had it by Friday.
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