Friday, July 14, 2006


Just a thought

This is a GREAT blog - I love it. And I got to thinking - you know I think this will be the future of what email lists will tranform to - I am on many lists, but this blog is so great and alive and it's a great resource for the book, and all the ideas and variations make this a very lively blog! I just noticed when I posted, that there have been 544 postings in a short period of time - that is so cool. I think that this is the way to go instead of email lists.

Has anyone else thought about this. I can come back several times a day and there is always something new!

I feel exactly the same way. I've been on the internet for (*gulp*) 10 years and have subscribed to many mailing lists over the years, but I've been completely won over to the group blog format for knitalongs. I still belong to a few mailing lists, but frequently they're bogged down by to much idle chatter; posting FO pictures is awkward; and it can be near impossible to find what you need in the archives. This is much better. :)
I'm on one big listserv (job-related) and I can say that I like the blog format better, too.

Yay for the internet!
You are sooooo right. I love really discussing a specific topic instead of just anything knit related or hearing about somebodies surgery.
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