Saturday, July 15, 2006


Flower Kimono

Hey all. Sorry I haven't been posting a whole lot, but I have been knitting! My proudest accomplishment is this, the flower kimono. It's for a girl, even though it's blue. To compensate, I decided to try my hand at flower making/ embroidering.

That is just the cutest thing ever!
I love the flowers! This will be beautiful... especially if the little girl has big blue eyes!
Truly adorable! The embellishments are perfect.
I love the flowers! It really makes the kimono unique.
This is gorgeous! Make me want an adult sized one.
I love the flowers along the back! adorable...
Too cute! Love it!!!!
Do you have a button under the front flower to close the kimono sweater? I missed that detail.

It is a DARLING sweater, what a great way to embellish it!
just adorable! i love the flowers! what a great idea! thanks for sharing!
No button, I plan on using snaps. They have yet to be sewn...
Sweet, sweet, sweet.
VERY VERY NICE! great idea w/ the embellishments!
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