Sunday, July 16, 2006


first post and MDKAL FO's

this is my first post and i just wanted to say i LOVE this book!!!!
here is the baby bib and burp cloth made is Sugar n Cream Rosewood. i made them for my new niece.

I have that yarn and started a washcloth in it. Hated the colours, but your lovely work has inspired me to unravel and make burp cloths instead. Thanks for the grand picture.
I love those colors, too. I like the pattern that was made in the burpcloth.
Looks great! It makes me want to eat neopolitan ice cream lol
These are gorgeous and old-fashioned looking :) I love them.
Those are so pretty - see they have a pattern going on there! Neat! Glad that you shared them on the blog!
I love the way that the yarn patterned as well! That looks really nice!
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