Saturday, July 15, 2006


Flower Kimono help...

Hey everybody, thanks so much for your kind words about my flower kimono (a few posts down). I am having a problem, however. The flower embroidery was kind of an after-thought, so I did it after everything was all seamed up. Only problem is, now the wrong side is all messy. I guess it's not that big a deal, but I would kind of like to hide it or at least clean it up a bit. Should I rip out the seams and make a lining and sew it back up again? Any other suggestions? Help!

A little messy is probably to be expected. You could try a liner, but that seems a bit extreme. Fair isle and slipped stitch and embroidery patterns usually have fairly ugly back ends, even when the ends are buried.
I agree. Look at any embroidered baby sweater in any of the nice shops and you will see that is how you can tell they are hand crafted. The private side of the sweater, holds the secret. Yours is beautiful, and I wouldn't do a thing to hide your handwork. Great Job!!
don't do a thing, girl!! It is totally fab!!
I agree with previous commenters, but if it really bothers you (or you think it will really bother the recipient), you could hand-stitch a wide grosgrain ribbon along the inside of the bottom hem.
You could always applique a little heart over the inside 'messy' area, or a knit by label large enough to cover. That way you don't have to take anything apart to line.
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