Sunday, July 16, 2006


Pictures as Promised

I know many of you are addicted to your ballband warshcloths, but nothing is more addicting than this potholder loop rug! I forgot how much fun (and how fast) big needles are. I am also really excited that I have full control over the "yarn." I usually over or underestimate yarn when I am casting on, but with the potholder loops, I can just add or take off loops to make sure I have the perfect amount of yarn hanging off from my rug. If you decide to knit this rug, I would recommend getting circulars though. I regret not thinking it through and buying straights instead of the circulars. The rug just fits on the needles and the rug can be heavy on my hands.

I am also working on some towels for my kitchen as well. I am moving to Florida in two weeks and decided that I need hand goods to decorate the new apartment.

Happy MD Knitting!

Hi, What yarn are you using for the hand towels, it doesn't look like linen.
where can I get the pattern for the potholder rug?? That is adorable. You can write to me at:

Thank you!!!
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