Sunday, July 16, 2006


First ball band dish cloth

Here is my first dish cloth. This is such a fun and addicting pattern!!! Can't wait to make more.

One question though...when I bind off, am I suppose to use both yarns, or only "A"?? I used both on this dish cloth.

I bind off only using A.
Yuppers, only A here too. Although I bet the two colour combo is pretty.
Thanks,there is just a tad bit of yellow that shows, the rest of the yarn was pink, so it blends in. So, what would I do with "B"? just weave in??

On another note, I posted this, and then IMMEDIATELY started work on the button hole bag. I think I am addicted to MDK.
Hi Leslie,

I just weave "B" in, actually a little better than I do "A" since A will have that knot from binding off. :)

Your dishcloth is lovely!

Thank you. I emailed a picture to my sister...and she can't wait to use it!!
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