Sunday, July 16, 2006


Bouncing Projects

I, like others, tend to bounce from project to project, eventually finishing the former project, and starting another before the other project is finished.
I have about 32 more rows of a sock, and, except for the toe, (which is fast) my first pair of socks will be done. I have the infamous Bite Me sampler from, and the book of the same name, one more row, it'll be done. I started a Knitted Rockstar, I'm almost finished with Rob Zombie's shirt, then his legs and arms, his head will go fast. I still have the washcloth, which is making up so pretty. I'm half way done.
Why don't I stick to one thing, and finish it before starting something else?Is it my caffiene level? Does anyone else do this? How do I stop, or does it ever stop? It doesn't bother me, but, does it bother anyone else? Eventually, I finish everything.


So, don't worry about it! I have, uh, something like 5 projects going at the same time right now, and several more stuffed behind the couch.
I think many of us don't actually eventually finish everything . . . so I'd count you ahead of the game. Just give in and enjoy it.
It's knitting ADD. You just get bored! It's normal, isn't it?
I like that. Knitting ADD. Project ADD. Stitching ADD. This is the results of some who was on Ritalin most of her childhood: Knitting ADD.
i am just glad to hear that this is a problem most knitters/crafters share! i can't even begin to think about all the projects that i have started. i LOVE to think up projects and to buy yarn then i don't get them done. such a bad habit. i used to have this habit when i read when i was younger...i would get bored with a book about half way through it and want to start another. my dad finally said, "i won't buy you another book until you finish the last one we bought!" sometimes it is too bad good ole dad is not in control of my yarn buying like he was my books back in the day!

sometimes i make it a goal to finish a few projects before i even let myself buy more yarn! i try to keep a running list of projects that i have going so i know what i can move too if i get bored. so hard though. but i often get a few thing off the list to be done that way! knit on!
I congratulate you on eventually finishing everything. If I start something new before finishing something old, I never finish the old one. So I have to make myself finish one project before starting a new one. Or I have to give myself permission to rip it out and declare it dead!! That's really hard to do. Once I went months without knitting because I had to finish this project I hated. It was a good friend who showed me the error (ok, stupidity) of my thinking. But I still have to finish one thing before starting another. I'm planning new ones all the time I'm knitting the old ones. It's what keeps me motivated to finish!
Now I know I am not alone....
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