Monday, July 17, 2006


Baby Button Hole Bag

Here is a mini-version on the Button Hole Bag. I used size 13 needles and some leftover Lion Brand Landscapes. It is very cute, and small. What to do with it?? :)

Beautiful mini-bag! It looks like the perfect size to hold one ball of yarn. I have a similar bag where I keep a ball of yarn for whichever current project I'm working on. It keeps the yarn clean and prevents it from rolling all over the place as I knit on the train.
Thank you. I may use it as a purse, wallet, keys and cell phone will fit, but that's about all. Bought MORE yarn today to make another. bad bad bad
Makeup brush holder??? Key holder, phone holder>>>>>
A place to hide reciepts from the yarn store?????
I carry my knitting in mine - any of my portable one ball of yarn projects.
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