Monday, July 17, 2006


Dishcloth in the making

Here's my very bright dishcloth. My mom said, "I'd not use it, it's too pretty. I use too much Clorox for that." It might hang in my bathroom. I'm thinking aobut changing the whole decor of the bathroom from the lbue and green it already is, to the yellow and orange it oculd become. All because of this dishcloth. I'd like towels, 4-5 of them, in this same yarn, same pattern, and don't forget a bath mat, too.

Dish cloth

Hi Rhonlynn,

Your dishcloth in progress looks so nice!

I smiled when I read your Mom's comment. Years ago I knitted about thirty dishcloths and gave them away as Christmas gifts to the ladies at my church. A couple of weeks later one of the ladies stopped me to tell me that the "doily" I made her looked so nice on her coffee table. I didn't say anything other than that I sure was glad to hear she liked it so much! :)

That orange, yellow, and pink from S&C is sure fun. I have a dish cloth in that exact combination earmarked for my mom. I already made her a collection of dishcloths in those colors from other patterns for Mother's Day. That was before I had teh Ball Band pattern. So of course I have made her one in that. Saving it for a gift.
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