Monday, July 17, 2006


Superfancy potholder loop rug question...

I'm knitting up a potholder loop rug and as I was working on it today I started to wonder "how will I ever clean or wash this potholder rug?" The 10 oz. bags of cotton blend loops I bnought at Michael's for $2.45 each say nothing about how to clean it. With 14 month old, a 3 year old, and 2 cats in the house, the rug is more than likely to get dirty.

you could make a little swatch and throw it in the washing machine to see if it holds up, it probably will...good luck!
I made a potholder loop rug too, and thought about this. I bought my loops from Harrisville looms, and I know that they come from sock ends, so they should wash okay but I have yet to test this theory.
Yeah, the loops are basically pieces of cotton socks, so I would say, wash it like you wash your tube socks.
it's a potholder rug, toss it in, what is the worst that can happen, a little shrinkage, bleeding????? it will just make it more interesting!
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