Monday, July 17, 2006


I Forgot!

I finished my afghan a few weeks ago.

I still want to sew a backing on to it. But then I have to get out the sewing machine...


OMG that is awesome!!!!!
Wow Jessica, spectacular!!

I understand the desire for a back, but I think it looks great right now.
That is very striking. I love it!!! What kind of yarn did you use?
Wonderful! Beautiful colors, so fresh!
This is gorgeous! If you get a decorator fabric in an extra wide width, you might not need the machine--just whipstitch the backing in place.:)
Beautiful work! It's so interesting. Thanks for posting the picture!
I am violently allergic to that much mattress stitch, but beautiful blankets like yours are making me want to risk it!
Totally awesome! It's amazing.
That is wonderful!
That is so cool! Put some fringe on the end and forget the lining fabric. It's just great!! --Sally
nice! those orange and black squares have got me thinking about a small blanket to take to baseball games...go giants!
Your blanket inspires me to make one too!
I lOVE LOVE it. I have to knit my squares faster. What yarn did you use ? How's the back look?
Simply stunning. A feast for the eyes!
This is spectacular.
Just beautiful! It's a real inspiration.
Looks great! I love that you varied the stripe widths from square to square. Inspiring.
ugh, I am so jealous! That is so awesome, good job!
That is absolutely gorgeous!
Yowsers! Fantastic!
That looks fabulous! I may just have to knit one of these, too :)
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