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Dumb Ball Band Question

So, I've always been a freeform knitter, knitting and purling until things looked right or fit right. However, MD inspired me to try to pick up patterns again. I've gotten through a few projects with no difficulties, however those ball bands are throwing me for a loop! Mine just don't look like the ones in the book. Is the whole washcloth to be knit on the right side or am I alternating? I've tried both ways and I feel like I'm missing something. Any suggestions would be oh, so welcome!

the way i remember it (and i've made about 8 of them) is with color A knit one row, purl one row, then pick up color B - knit 2 rows (following the slipped stick portion of the pattern) then purl the next and knit the last before picking up color A again to knit one row, purl the next. pick up color B and repeat.

Hope that doesn't make things more confusing. you will actually knit one wrong side row and thats the second row after you've picked up color B. - think that's right.
you are alternating; look carefully at the pattern. might help to make a simple note of the pattern rows, cutting out the slipping and color changing, like, k, p, k, k, p, k, etc
maybe try to draw the pattern out on paper - you start with one color and knit then purl - then you save a stitch from the first color which you slip while you're knitting 4 rows in the other color - all the yf/yb business is really just so you keep that slipped stitch in the front. then you knit & purl again in the first color. then knit 4 more rows in the second color again slipping a saved stitch this time just in a different location.
you'll get the hang of the dishclothes - it took me forever to make the first one, staring at the pattern, now I have it memorized and it's mindless-quality-tv-knitting.
good luck! :)
Hi. I agree. And don't have anything to add, except that if you're still having trouble, you might think about posting a photo. Could help "diagnose" what you're doing differently?
If you send me your email, I'll send you an Excel SS that I created for this pattern when I first started it that has each row spelled out with check marks to mark off as completed. It made everything so easy (and then I didn't have to carry the book with me on the subway or around the city and risk losing). You can reach me through my blog at theknititngpatch.blogspot.com
Maybe I wasn't clear with my question. Do you knit every rown on the right side (RS) or do you alternate every other row between (RS) and (WS)?
With color A, you knit the front and purl the back. With color B you have 4 rows. The first row (RS) is K. The 2nd row (WS) is P. The 3rd row (RS) is P. The 4th row (WS) is K. So, like al said. It took me a little while to get the flow, but after a couple repeats of color b, you'll see what you're doing.
Ah. If I have your question right, it is: do I knit every right side row, or do I alternate knitting and purling on every other right side row?

The answer is neither.

I think of the pattern as having "mortar" (color A) and "bricks" (color B).

In the "mortar" section, there is one right side row. This is knitted.

In the "bricks" (reverse stockinette) section, there are two right side rows.

The first is knitted (so that you don't get purl bumps in your "mortar" color).

The second is purled (so that you continue the reverse stockinette pattern).

So, in terms of alternating between knitting and purling on the right side rows, there is a three row pattern rather than a two row pattern. I.e., you should be:

You will be able to tell the difference in the right and wrong side very easily after you do a whole sequence of 12 rows. MDK doesn't have a picture of the wrong side, but it's very different from the front, and it's pretty much all purl. You may be over-thinking it. Just follow the directions and don't worry about RS and WS until you're done. Good luck. It's very addictive once you have the pattern down.
You are turning your work after each row. Some rows are knit and some are purl depending on the pattern. Does this help?
Would it help to see a pic of the back? I could post one on my blog if you like.
Jeri, that would be great. I just can't get over how pretty the front is, and how... NOT pretty the back is. That's what I'm concernted about!
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