Monday, July 17, 2006


Bib Action Shot

Thought you'd enjoy seeing a bib in action....ignore the over-excited knitter holding her...I've never actually seen my knitting in action (I'm always mailing it off, never to be seen again).

A cute bib for an even cuter baby! Good work!
Cute bib action shot. Much more lively than the bib-laying-there shot. But most of us don't have a ready model.
awww! such a sweet smiley baby (and Mom)! Great job!
wait till you get all the comments when she wears it while see is out. I get a lot of complements on the ones I have done.
Alas, she's not mine...the mom is a friend was in town visiting..I got to hold her for the photo. :)
That's one of the cutest babies I've seen lately...and I've seen a lot of babies lately. Oh, and nice bib too!
Oh my gosh! Your baby is so cute!!! Oh yeah, the bib is really nice too.
Gorgeous baby and a great bib
It is always the most enjoyable to see the knitting project being used. In this case, even more so! What a beautiful child.
Your baby is so pretty! So is the bib!
hey girl. i know that face! how's it going?
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