Monday, July 17, 2006


Mitered Square question...


I'm making the mitered square blanket, and and substituting yarn- I plan on using Lion Brand Microspun mercerized cotton. What is the finished size of the mitered square? I'm having a hard time figuring out how many stitches to cast on in order to make my square the same size as the rest of the squares on the blanket. It wouldn't be a huge issue, except I plan to send a few to one of our members for the Ukraine mission...

Thanks ahead for any advice!

Mine are 6 1/2 unblocked, so they may be more like 7 when sewn together. The edges curl so much it's hard to measure.
I think the Micro-Spun will work just fine. Just adjust your needle size until you get the gauge called for in the book. Can't wait to see your squares. That yarn comes in some really fun colors.
Our vary from 7 to 7 1/2" unblocked, using a substituteyarn(Shine from KnitPicks), I think its similar in size to Micro-spun. Gauge for this isn't as important as how the fabric feels knitted, you can just adjust to your liking.
Microspun's acrylic & has absolutely NO stretch to it whatsoever. It also won't breath like wool or cotton will.

That said, I have more acrylic blankets than I have books, and that's saying an awful lot.
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