Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Squared Away

Check out the mitered squares that came in the mail today!

This lovely patriotic set came from Julie. I love how the white makes the colors pop.

Leslie sent 4, count em', 4 squares in my favorite color combo.

There are 3 squares left for me to finish knitting before I can start sewing up my Cotton-Ease blankie. I see a lot of mattress stitch in my future. Bring it on! Posted by Picasa

How many of the squares do you need? I love the patriotic ones also!

I have been dragging my feet getting started on these due to some gauge issues. Do you still need some, I'd love to send them with you to Ukraine, but I don't want to burdon you with extras!

*quits dragging bottom*
Actually, I need about 18 more for the second blanket. Check my blog for the details.
YEA!! you got my squares :)
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