Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hi! I'm a newbie to the blogsite and just wanted to post my attempt at the Nine Patch dishcloth that Kay posted a little while back on the blog. I used Sugar N'Creme in several colors and size 7 needles. I think I'd try smaller needles next time...mine is a little loose b/c it took a few attempts to get the stitches "picked up" just right for a newbie like me! The pattern worked great and after the first corner square I had it memorized.

It was so much fun and taught me about decreasing and picking up stitches. It went so fast!!

Thanks for adding me to the blog, Cristina, and thanks to all for the inspiration! Thanks to Kay and Ann for such a fun and informative book. And a big shout out to my new friend Melody!!



Rock on soul sista!
Way to go! As a new-ish knitter, I did my first one, too, as an experiment to see if I could understand the instructions. (I haven't been brave enough to post any pics yet.) it turned out great and though I hated weaving in all the ends, I love the finished results. But now I'm back on ball band #5.
No problem!! Glad you're here! Keeping posting I love to see all the beautiful things you guys are making.
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