Wednesday, July 19, 2006


A Towel My Mother Loves

I have completed one Moss Grid Hand Towel. Whew!
It took over a month for various reasons:
1) I knitted other things in between.
2) I found the moss grid pattern very tedious.
3) I didn't really like the yarn I chose.
In spite of all that the end result is fairly good. My mom saw this when it was still on the needles and she loved it, so she gets it.
The details: I used Cotton Classic Mercernized Cotton. I could not remember the yardage of the linen when I was at the store so I guessed at two skeins. I didn't want it entirely plain so picked a contrasting color for the edges. It was a good thing too as two skeins of Cotton Classic only does ten repeats in the pattern instead of the prescribed twelve and there is none left for edges. My edge color is varigated blue, green, purple. I did not like the way the yarn showed every single flaw. My moss stitch was full of holes, particularly in making the squares. I used size 5 needles, the yarn calls for size 6. Thankfully washing did tighten up the stitches and it looks better after being washed. The nice thing about the yarn is that it does have nice sheen. I frogged back a few times when I made obvious mistakes; but there are more flaws in it than I care to recite. I think my mom won't notice most of them. Also Cotton Classic is 6 something a skein and having bought 3 skeins it cost a little more than one skein of Euroflax would have. My LYS doens't carry Euroflax but if I ever decided to make this pattern again I would order some. I felt really bogged down by this design and don't plan to make another. I have lots of the contrast color left and I will make a matching wash cloth or finger tip towel to go with it but I am going to use a different stitch pattern.

It's very pretty. I don't know if I want to tackle that, yet!
Sorry it was such a drag to knit because it looks great!!!!
it sure is pretty but I agree with you - I started one, was completely exhausted with the pattern & not even through 1 repeat so I moved onto the ballbands.... it happens. :)
I'm waiting for my LYS's order of Euroflax to arrive and I'm determined to still make the towel. Yours came out really well, though. Good work!
That came out great!
I've knitted an entire blanket with mercerized cotton and I don't like that yarn either. I've made hand towels with euroflax and not everybody likes that eiterh. It's scratchy to knit with and after washing it it looked old and used, but a little bit softer. I've chosen a different pattern also, because just looking at the moss gritt was enough for me. The chevron pattern is great for that. Your towel looks nice though.
I'm so glad I read your post. I put my moss grid towel down after one reapeat and now I don't want to pick it up. I may use the pattern for the Big Dotty Cushion and see how that works up.

I do love the result tho. Your finished towel is lovely.
the towel was well worth the effort though. really pretty.
I have been dying to make that... It looks GORGEOUS!
It looks gorgeous. I especially like the edging you did in the contrasting colors. What yarn/color did you use for that?
I love the towel! A contrasting boarder is a great idea! Sorry to hear you didn't like the pattern
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