Thursday, July 20, 2006


Hand Towel from another POV

I was all excited this morning to post my progress on my hand towel, then I logged on I saw Amy's post about hers. But I'm too excited not to post. I don't have much time to knit so I don't have nearly as much done. But I've now got the pattern memorized so I'm making good progress. I think I ripped the whole thing out three times before I got going. The first time was to switch to smaller needles and the other times because of errors. I am using the Euroflax Linen for this one, but I have the Canapone Hemp from Elan for my next ones.

Hand towel Mason Dixon Knitting

I'll admit I like the project (sorry Amy) and I can't wait to make more, I didn't find the pattern tedious and the colors I have in Canapone are beautiful. Now finishing my Absorba mat, that's a different story. Ugh, I can bare to look at it right now.

Close of MDK Hand towel

I was initially worried that my stitches still were not tight enough when switching from knit to purl, but now I think ounce its washed and blocked it will look fine.

On the Needles: Absorba (still), a log cabin placemat, baby bib and the handtowel. Happy knitting! Bobbi

Looks great! what size needles did you decide on?
Fear not! The Euroflax smoothes out when you wash it. It knits up kind of 'wrinkly'.....Love this color so much.
I really like this - I'm going to have to try it some day soon :-)
Just because I wasn't 100% happy doesn't mean you shouldn't be. It looks lovely. Some people take to moss stitch better than others. I like my end result but getting there seemed so painstaking. I love dish cloths but can whip them out in a couple of days. Over a month for a towel seems a bit much. Your entusiasm is certainly carrying you along.- Amy
Mary Heather - I used Size 4 bamboo.

Amy - I think I put it down several times, but since it seems to be flying along now I'm much happier with it. It may have something to do with avoiding working on Absorba! :)
Very inspiring and utterly lovely. I bought not one but 3! hanks of Euroflax @ my LYS and immediately made huge mess trying to roll the first one into a ball, you can tell I'm a newbie.My DH came to the rescue, patient soul that he is and unravelled the mess for me. Took him a week. I will be casting on tonight. I notice in rerolling the ball that there were 2 very badly frayed spots. I guess I'll have to cut those sections out, right? Anyway, your towel is very beautiful. I hope mine will turn out as well. Miki
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