Thursday, July 20, 2006


Modern Blanket

My teenager picked out some yarn today ( simply soft) for a modern blanket. I thought I read somewhere on here that someone had used this but now I can't find it. I am trying to decide wheather to make the Modern Baby blanket or the modern Log Cabin blanket. So I'm wondering for thoes who used this yarn what size did you project come out to. Did you use the yarn gauge or the pattern gauge. I was thinking is I stick with the yarn guage and make the Baby blanket it might end up being more of a small throw and I could add a couple rows if needed. Any thoughts?

I am still making mitered squares too.

Hello! I was the one who make the Moderne Baby Blanket out of Caron Simply Soft. I honestly didn't think much about gauge; I just knitted according to the pattern's directions. It wasn't until I was well into the blanket when I realized how much bigger than the pattern measurements it was turning out to be. I made one modification: Block 9 was supposed to be 54 garter ridges, and I stopped at 26 garter ridges. The blanket ended up being about 38" x 46." I know it's a little large for a baby blanket, but I feel like that will just make it usable for longer.

I think you'll really like the Simply Soft. It's very affordable and machine washable/dryable. It also comes in some great colors. Good luck!
I'm using Simply Soft also, but I haven't posted on here yet because of camera issues.

I'm in the middle of the Modern Baby Blanket (you can see pics on my blog at and it is turning out really large. I am also knitting on size 9 needles because I didn't read the pattern before starting. I think the blanket is going to be geared to more a toddler size when it is all said and done.

I do like the Caron Simply Soft though.. it feels really nice against the skin, but more importantly - it's washable. Ha!

Good luck on your blanket!
Thank you for the encouragement.
The colors my daughter picked are a little...well she is a teenager and there taste do change. It's not a combination I would pick but maybe it will turn out better then I think.
I have decided to make the baby blanket using size 8's. I hope that will make is large enough for a teen if not I'll add a few rows to make it bigger.
I am using the Simply Soft also and using size 8 needles. It is turning out to be quite large and I am only on block 8. I am pleased with the yarn overall, it doesn't hold it's shape all the well, but that problem is generally solved when you pick up stitches along the edges.

Good Luck!
I am making one for my 17 year old daughter. The colors match her room, in other words, they are a bit funky, but fun. I am using Brown Sheep cotton Fleece. Guage doesn't really matter. I started out basing it on the Moderne Baby Blanket. I like the fact that the pattern is very flexible. You can see my WIP by scrolling down in the blog (I call it the Moderne Teen Blanket!) or you can see it at
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