Thursday, July 20, 2006


My Scribble Thick and Thin Scarf

Ok....I will confess I didn't like the look of only one row of thick so I am doing more than one. What do you think.


I think it looks very jazzy! It's knitting, go crazy! Free you inner child...ummm...ok I got carried away there. Seriously, the idea behind the book was to give you a starting point and let you go screaming over the edge...oops did it again!
I like it! Very pretty color, and gorgeous stitches.
Lovely. You did a great job.
Looks great! I am struggling with one. Using the circular needles makes it difficult with the type yarn I'm using, pima cotton and ribbon. It is so slippery. Can't decide whether to finish or not. I love the result, but it is taking such a long time because I don't enjoy working it.
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