Thursday, July 20, 2006


My Buttonhole Bags!

These are my 2 buttonhole bags - I love them! I hope to line them with some nice cotton fabric and add magnetic closures. The blue/green one was knit with Noro Kochoran and the other one with Manos. I blogged about the pattern on my yarn shop's blog: ! And on my personal blog, too: . This is one of the cutest and easiest bags I've ever made. With my addi turbos, it only takes 2 hours to knit. Can't beat that!
I LOVE Mason Dixon Knitting, especially page 150. The photography is amazing.

Try embellishing this pattern with some of the passe eyelash or flora type yarns. They don't felt and make a really unique statement with just a little bit of yarn.
Love them.
2hours?!!!! Wow! you knit quick!
These are gorgeous!
Love your bags. Very cute!
Thanks for the comments!
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