Thursday, July 20, 2006



I have been saving old t-shirts for a while without any real plan. I had thought maybe rags for cleaning. Never got around to cutting them up or actually doing anything. And then came Mason Dixon Knitting! I knew my useless psychic powers were making me keep t-shirts for a reason! (sidenote, useless psychic powers give you info that is neat, but isn't the winning lottery numbers, ya know?)

BTW, that's Micha, the supervisor of our household.

I am busily converting that pile into this:

Unfotunately, I haven't got callouses (or is it calli? callousi?..anyway, I digress) in the right spot on my hand. I can only cut up 1-2 t-shirts before my fingers start complaining! So it's taking a few days. sigh. I am soooooo impatient to actually start on my calamari rug.

Oh man! You have got to get yourself a rotary cutter! Slice, slice, slice!
I started cutting mine up last night. I found white tshirts at goodwill and will dye some of them for my rug. At least you have a 'helper". cant wait to see your finished rug
I can't wait to try this project! I don't have enough t-shirts in the colors I'd like to use - so I think I'll hit the Salvation Army to get some cheapo t-shirts I can cut up!

Hmmm... - maybe the paper cutter at work would be a good tool for this....
Definitely get a rotary cutter and mat, SO much faster and easier on the hands!
I started cutting mine up by hand at first and my fingers were numb for days. I found my rotary cutter and MAT and it was a whole new world..
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