Thursday, July 20, 2006


hello, i am a log cabin fanatic.

Log Cabin Square Pillow, Close up of Front

I'm really enjoying seeing everyones log cabins, and I have been working on some log cabin projects of my own. My first Log Cabin project is pillows for my new apartment.

Log Cabin Square Pillow, Contrasting Version Close up

The top picture and that last picture are the Log Cabin fronts of two different pillows. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Thick and Thin in the Wild Cherry and Old Rose colorways. I'm just using one colorway per pillow, and the multidirectional-ness of the pattern really prevents streaking/pooling/flashing/etcetera. Each pillow front took one hank of the Glitter Thick and Thin and the size is 17" x 17".Here's a close-up shot of the back of both the pillows. The yarn for the backs is Suss Cotton in a color called "Love." The two pillows will take a total of 3 hanks.

Log Cabin Square Pillow, Contrasting Version

I'm making the backs by picking up one edge's stitches and just knitting in garter stitch until the back matches the front. The front is pretty much the same pattern as the multicolored baby log cabin blanket in MDK, except it is all the same color. I just stopped when the piece measured 17x17.

Log Cabin Square Pillow, back and front

My next log cabin project will be a throw made out of Alpaca and Angora from Suss:

Yarn for Log Cabin Throw

I am going to make it similar to the Moderne Log Cabin pattern, but using a bigger gauge and my own numbers of rows. I am tripling the Angora (the blue on the right, light worsted weight) and I am doubling the Alpaca (natural colors on the left, aran weight) and I expect to get the same gauge that way. I'll post my progress once I wind all this yarn and get started.

Neon Yarn Ice Cream

I'm also planning on making a tote out of the Cotton Glace in the above picture, using the stitch pattern from the cushion cover. I have a general idea in my head, and I'll post more about this project when I get started.

Thanks for letting me share!


Wow! Your color choices are stunning and all so different. You are a goddess of the garter stitch people. xox Kay
Thanks Kay! I'm really enjoying not having to look down at my knitting very often.
Gorgeous yarns - definitely make the patterns more sophisticated and more fun to do. Your pieces are beautiful!
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