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Help! What can one make with 4 pounds of yarn from the MDK book??? Log cabin???
My mother-in-law passed away 4 1/2 years father-in-law gave me 2 plastic bins of assorted yarn, thread, books, material etc.....what to do?

Go for the log cabin...unless you're feeling up to the Mitered-square madness!

There's also the new nine-patch option. Four pounds of yarn is a lot of yarn.
log cabin all the way! I think those colors will look v cool together. The log cabin, worked on smaller needles than usual will help to disguise the acrylic nature of the yarn better than a larger repeat section of the same color. (If that makes sense)
a red white and blue log cabin go for it
Maybe a kimono or two, too?
I don't mean to be mean, but I would toss most of it. I'm not some crazy fiber purist, but those "pound of love" yarns cost very little and make a product that's going to end up being scratchy. Why spend so much of your time saving a few dollars someone else spent to make something you'll regret? Ya know? Then you can get what you really want to make the project you'd really like. Hope this comment helps give a different perspective.
I agree with Anne Margaret. It's a wonderful gift, and the acrylic yarn might best be used by passing it on to a school or daycare where children need craft materials. Then you could buy some lovely red, white, and blue yarn in a softer fiber that will be a pleasure to work with and make a lovely log cabin in your mother-in-law's memory.
Sorry, but I disagree. First of all, not all acrylics work up the same. While I am not familiar with the brand shown in your picture, I have worked with acrylics that are plenty soft and gentle. That is probably something you can judge for yourself. Second, I have made several afghans for myself and family members out of acrylic yarn that are used everyday. They are great throws because they are warm, but best of all, they can be washed easily. When ever someone invariably spills juice or the cats take a nap on one, they can be thrown in the washing machine without fear of ruining an heirloom. If you want to make something that is a part of your everyday life, I would not hesitate to use a yarn that is family/kid-friendly. If you keep the yarn in the family, it will be a useable heirloom, and that is worth a lot more than a natural fiber.
I'm with mariel on this---just because yarn is acrylic doesn't make it bad. We received several acrylic knitted & crocheted blankets when my daughter was born. They have held up beautifully for almost 2 1/2 yrs & have been through the washer & dryer a gazillion times. I make my baby blankets (that I give away as gifts or for charity ) from acrylic for that very purpose. New mothers don't have time for hand wash only fabrics.
Thanks for the advice. I got rid of everything except the 4 lbs of yarn (my boys wouldn't let me give those away).
I will make some type of blanket, my kids have blankets made of acrylic and they LOVE THEM. I'm thinking maybe red/white mitered squares for the Red Wings.
Another thing...

I personally am not an acrylic fan, but when our girl scout troop was making a patchwork knit blanket to donate to the Ronald McDonald house, they said that the ONLY materials they could accept were 100% acrylic, due to allergies and needs to wash, etc.

So you could perfect your log cabin or miter technique and donate the acrylic throw and then decide if you'd like to make one to keep in nicer yarn ;)
You might consider making a blanket from the acrylic and giving it to your father-in-law. He might like having something made with the yarn his late wife obviously liked enough to buy and save. Just a thought....
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