Saturday, July 22, 2006


more bibs

Most recent bibs that I finished. Strangely enough, the blue bib is actually purple and lavender. But it did give me an idea for doing a blue one. Have decided to take a break from baby bib production and am now working on the Scribble Lace Scarf. Got a photo of it on my blog.

Happened to bring my MD book to my knitting group on Thursday and it was of course a big hit. Several people have asked me to bring in the Absorba bathmat for them to see next Thursday. Believe I've converted some folks to the ways of Mason Dixon Knitting!


Liked your bibs, so took a look at your blog. Thanks for posting about Knitch. I am still VERY homesick, and probably always will be. I know it is very hot in Atlanta now, but it is the best place to live! And now all sorts of new knitting stores. Knitch is at the top of my list of places to go on our next visit, and we'll tell them we found them on your blog! I have trouble making blogger work, just as you were having trouble with typepad. And now, camera memory cards are not working. Just got a new card reader--might be back in blogging-business soon. Thanks for your posts! I miss Atlanta. . . . .
Love the burg/gold striped bib! Reminds me of Gryffindor house scarves from Harry Potter. I think I may have to make a set now, one with your burg/gold colorway, and one blue with the gold H intarsia'd for Harry! What a gift set! Thanks for getting my creative wheels 'a turnin'!
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