Sunday, July 23, 2006


Log Cabin

Hi - I thought I'd share some pictures of the log cabin blanket I made. It's the second of three I'll make for my 3 sons. I used KnitPicks Shine and size 6 needles and it took FOREVER. In these (not very good) pictures, it is being held up over a twin-sized bed. I was inspired by the log cabin blanket on the mason dixon blog, and was pleased to see other log cabins in the book, which of course I bought as soon as it was out. I am currently working on a baby kimono.

How pretty! I love the bright colors!!
It was definitely worth the effort. Great job!
Beautiful! What great colors!
You chose some fabulous colors! I love KnitPicks Shine. Beautiful work!
I'm using equally tiny needles and I am currently in the "forever" knitting phase of the blanket. Yours makes me want to do another one as soon as I finish this one! :D
What a beautiful blanket! I love the colors!!
May I ask how much Shine you needed for each blanket? I've been looking around for yarn for a log cabin blanket and Knit Picks is definitely tempting because of the price!!
Lizzie -- I would guess that I used between 3 and 4 balls of each color. I bought the yarn for all 3 blankets at the same time, so it's hard to be sure. However, the "logs" towards the edges took over a ball each (and about 4 hours to knit).
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