Sunday, July 23, 2006


Button Hole Blues

I am just finishing up my first bib; however, the button hole directions in the book aren't helping me at all. I have researched in several more of my knitting books for help, but my hole is coming out tiny. Definitely not big enough for a button! I've had to rip it out several times. The MDK book states to only bind off 2 stiches which doesn't seem big enough for the type of button they show in the pictures. This is how I interpret making a button hole: when I bind off, I'm using the "leap frog" type of technique, and then for the cast on, I'm using the same technique that I use when I'm beginning a new project. Does this sound right? Thank you in advance for your explanations and tips!

I've changed it and made the buttonhole bigger...I bind off three stitches instead.
I bind off the recommended 2 stitches and find there's a LOT of stretch in the buttonhole. I wound up using a much larger button than I'd originally thought I would need for that very reason. I bind off using the typical 2-needle bind-off (I think this is the "leap frog" method you mentioned -- knit 2 then pull the first stitch over the 2nd and off the needle) and I cast on using backwards loop.
I used different button hole instructions. I used these:
You'll need to scroll down a bit. There is a video.
Thanks guys! I think I know where I was messing up! Also, thanks newamy for the website! Very cool!!!
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