Monday, July 24, 2006


My first box!

I kept looking at everyone's cute boxes and finally made one! This is for my cousin for her birthday and I must admit I'm not all that excited about how it looks. I hope it will be better post felting, although, nothing is going to fix the fact that I was mostly done before I realized that these are Christmas colors, DUH! I also didn't think through the stripes because they aren't continuous once I crocheted the edges. Ah well live and learn!

I also made another buttonhole bag. Photos on my blog

You never know - felting can slightly alter the look of colors (esp if the yarn is the slightest bit tweedy or has more than one shade in it - bits that don't show up much in the yarn can suddenly dominate after felting). And I like that the crocheted edges break the stripes - I'm going to do that, too, when I make my boxes!
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