Sunday, July 23, 2006


My Kimono

It is finished! I started the kimono 2 weeks ago, and seamed it and sewed the ribbon on this morning around 6:15am (couldn't sleep.) Besides, I was so excited to take it to my sister's for my sweet niece Maria. I (with the help of my awesome friend/non-knitter Travis) changed the pattern just a little to allow it to fit Maria when it gets chillier in the fall. At least, that was my plan. We'll see if/when it will fit her - keep in mind that this is my first handknit article of clothing. I am a fairly new knitter (and what seems like a slow learner!) Either way, I thought it turned out fantastic. I used Bernat Cotton Tots, by the way. Oh, and here is my very own warshrag in use (Yes, I finally kept one for myself.)

Your kimono looks really nice! I hope the one I am working on at the moment will turn out as lovely.
that is the sweetest Kimono. What colourway of Cotton tots?
Can you tell me how you did the increase edge with the YO? did you knit a stitch and then YO? I'm in the process of a kimono but stuck at the edge because I'm not sure mine looks right.
I wish I could find the ballband to tell you which colorway it was, but I seemed to have misplaced it. I did knit a stitch and then YO - mine didn't look right either, and my SNB book said to do a YO at least one stitch in.
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