Monday, July 24, 2006


Another Absorba

Another FO -

I finished a bib and burp cloth while on vacation in Michigan, and would have started by Absorba, except that I'd accidentally brought US 17s instead of 15! But I finished the absorba anyway all in two sittings the day I got home. I got the cones from Walmart in Michigan. Going there is a rare, exotic excursion for a New Yorker like me - kind of freaks me out - but I have yet to find a source for P&C in cones in Manhattan (P&S Fabrics has a decent selection of the small skeins, though -- better than Walmart, anyway)

I used white, cream, and a variegated with denim-y colors and cream in it. The three looked rather bad together as cones, but knit up very nicely, I think. I can't decide which side I like better, so I wove in the ends neatly enough to use either. One side is very smooth and neat, but so much so that it almost obscures the log cabin structure, so I'm tempted to use the "wrong" side up. (What you see here is the "right" side.)

Notes: I used three strands on US 15: the good news is my hands didn't hurt at all. The bad news is it's not quite as cushy as I can imagine it would have been had I used 13s (it's still cushy though). I have tons of yarn left, so I think I'll make another, but this time with 4 strands on 15s, which I saw someone else did here.

Also, I love P&C for beach knitting: water, sand, wind, bugs, dog, snacks, people -- no fear.

More on my blog.

Nice! I love the Absorbas. If you get adventurous, try hitting Wal-Mart in Queens. But you might want to call first to make sure the cones of P&C are in stock - it seems like there's been a run on them lately (I wonder why...LOL)
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