Monday, July 24, 2006


Crazy with potholder loops

I've really enjoyed knitting with the potholder loops and I decided not to just make a little door mat rug. It is turning into a rug for the hallway. I ended up buying 13 bags of loops from Michael's for $2.49 each. So far I've knitted up 12 of the bags. Just one more to go! I haven't gotten out the tape measure yet to size it up:)
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Awesome! Just awesome! Have you weighed it yet? Let us know if you end up with a 20 pounder!
Wow! A hallway rug is such a fantastic idea! It's so bright - perfect for those long, depressingly blank and narrow hallways in city apartments....
Mariel, I don't have a scale at home but I did some math. Each bag of loops is 10 oz. So the rug knitted up with 13 bags should weigh about 8 lbs. Eight pounds of loops is pretty heavy.
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