Monday, July 24, 2006


Baby kimonos - for a boy, girl or both?

OK, I need some opinions. I've knitted 2 baby kimonos in the colors you see here. I haven't sewn up the seams or attached ribbons yet. Do you think both kimonos could make nice gifts for either a newborn boy or girl? Or should the blue/green go only to a boy and the orange/red go only to a girl? I have 1 friend who's due with a boy in October and another due around the same time who doesn't want to find out the baby's sex in advance. What do you think? Should I knit up another kimono in a more "boyish" color to have on hand just in case my second friend also has a boy?

It depends on your friend. I'm not a big boy/girl colour kinda gal, but I have coworkers who are rabid about it. These are both so yummy that they would have be some type of ooofle if they comment.
I think it depends on the parents. Some people have very traditional pink/blue ideas about baby colors. I tried to dress my son in "boy" colors just so that people knew his gender. Little old ladies at church always thought he was a girl unless I dressed him in blue. Either way, your kimonos are beautiful. I'd proudly put a baby in them.
I used the blue/green color way on a hat for my cousin expecting a baby of unknown gender. I thought it was nuetral for a boy or a girl but when the baby ended up being a girl, my mom said it was boyish. (I sent the hat regardless and then just crochetted a fast *pink* jacket and hat.) In the picture the red/orange looks a little bright pink/fushia so I would tend to give that more for a girl. I do love the colors though. I can't wait for my book to arrive so I can try the pattern out.
I think they could be for either. I might add a red onsie for a boy if you gave them the redish one and maybe a light yellow or teal on for a girl with the greenish one. Just to make a it a little more gender specific if the parents are into that kind of thing.
Speaking as a parent who was tired of only finding pink and purple clothes for my baby daughter in stores, I think it's ok to use either color for either.
I like Kristina's idea...add something "store bought" like a onesie or hat or something that makes it a little more gender-specific, but I think both colorways could go either way.
And I think you could easily make it either if you wait to buy and attach ribbons. Attach flowered ribbons to either or truck or ball ribbons to either...

(although I'd put either one on either sex, too)
I think both colors are jazzy and would work well for either gender! Babies need BIG fun colors like these!
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