Monday, July 24, 2006


I've got the Mason Dixon bug.

Okay, so it started as a MasonDixon Kimono, but then I saw these fab little buttons and well, buttons mean...cardigan. So, Scmeal, Schmozl, and it's a Cardigan.

I love the modification. Can you give some details as to what you did? I assume you would need to start with fewer cast on. I am still new enough to need a pattern to follow.
I'm in love! Pattern modifications please, if you can remember! I've got all boys in the family, and have been dying to make a kimono, but alas- the testosterone police would have my head.

This? I can get away with!
Great idea! And those buttons are super cute.
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yes, please, how did you make this? I currently have a kimono on the needles(for a boy) and i'd love to make this. I've only just started, so i will wait to hear.........
Please check my blog for details. And thanks for all the encouragement!
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