Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Contemplating the Mason-Dixon Lifestyle

Has anyone else noticed that this book seems to evoke really strong reactions in people? Most people, members of this KAL obviously among them, really love it and often become peculiarly addicted to it. Yet I've noticed some people mentioning on their blogs that it drives them crazy, or just that they don't see the appeal. I find this really curious and interesting, and if anyone else is equally interested, I wanted to direct you to my blog, where I've just posted a long analysis of my own about it. I'd be interested to know what you all think.

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Very well said!!

I for one love this book and I have gotten at least 3 of my knitting friends addicted to it as well.
I totally agree. I gave this book to two of my daughters teachers and what it seemed to do for the three of us is remotivate us to pick up our knitting. Now the ballet teacher (who is recently widowed) and I are making the guest towels in the linen and the piano teacher is making the kimonos. And another mom saw me knitting and we spent a great day at a new yarn store nearby. I have to say that Ann and Kay did me a real favor. I am knitting like a fiend and just loving it all.
Kate's analysis is very insightful,
highly recommend every one to read it :=))
the pooling is great!
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