Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Dishcloth Disengaged...

Another Ballband dishcloth off the needles: Made from Fantasy Naturale by Plymouth on size 9 needles (only cast on 33 sts - I like the smaller size):

But Now I have This:

NAKED NEEDLES!!! I'd better cast on another one right away!

I've been sewing alot lately too as it's really hot in Atlanta (I know - some of you are hotter and hey at least we've got AC unlike all those folks in the Pacific NW), and I have a shoulder injury that knitting aggravates so... But that's ok - I've made lots of little bags to carry the ballband projects around in and I'm having a blast.

I'd love to do a Moderne Baby Blanket for my new nephew but the shoulder won't allow it - a quilt will be made instead.

I'll keep you posted!


Ballband looks great, is it "cushy" enough on 9s? Also, I checked the link, love your bags too!
I make smaller dishcloths also and love them. They fit my hands and are aeasy to squeeze out.
The one you made is so bright and coloful!!
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