Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Hydrangea Moderne

 I realized after finishing this that I used the same colors as the lace cap 
hydrangea I've been admiring in Bristol RI. Now I'm afraid that I 
might see a giant pumpkin in October. 

I used Lily Sugar& Cream and it is about twice the size of the baby blanket pattern.

Wow that's neat and made with S&C! I hope your colors stay true. Beautiful cat.
That's a big blanket! It looks awesome!
That is stunning and tre moderne! Love it!
I am 7 rows from finishing my baby moderne blanket so I loved seeing yours. That's not counting the border. How did you do your border? I'm trying to figure that out now. Thanks. --Sally
I used a 60" circular needle and did the border in the round.

Every other round, I increased 2 stitches at the points and randomly added a few stitches along the sides. I was worried the border would be too tight since the needle was one size smaller than the the one I used for the body of the blanket.

I'm not sure I'd do the border in the round again. All that cotton was hard to move around the needle. On the other hand I don't like sewing things up. So I guess we'll see. I'm sure to make another.
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