Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Log Cabin # 2

Here's my progress so far on my second Log Cabin blanket:

This one is for my son. It is done in colors to match his room. I'm not too sure I'm totally happy with the way that it is turning out yet. I don't think the colors mesh together quite the way I wanted. Maybe I have too many colors going on at once? As it gets bigger and there are more repeats of the colors I am liking it more - so we'll see. :)

This is in Elann Sonata again.

I know some people have been keeping the stitches live rather than casting off and picking up. I haven't done that because I really like the "put together" effect you get when you bind off and pick up stitches. I think it mimics the feel of a quilted Log Cabin better.

I really like those colors. As much as I love the crayon box colors, this really has an even better, warm and toasty feel to it. Your son will love this.
Oh I think it looks Great with the sofa!
Even if you don't like the colours it is going to look awesome in that room!
I love these colors. It's very soothing looking. And it looks wonderful with that sofa. Is that your son's? I hope you'll show us pictures as you go along! --Sally
Please send log cabin to me. Love it!
Your log cabin is indeed lovely. The colors are wonderful.
It looks great! Very manly :-)
I love the colors - and I agree with the binding off thing - I think that binding off adds some structure to the inside of the blanket - and prevents any occasion for a loose stitch to unravel all the way down a blanket - this way there are safegaurds in place so that a spot of wear won't destroy all that hard work - only a strip.
I love those colors, they would totally match my house. It looks so cozy! Another person on another group I belong to is doing this blanket and she asked if people were getting a ridge on the one side when they picked up the stiches when starting a new strip. Is this happening to you and is it supposed to be happening, or is that the result of incorrectly picking up the stitches? I want to start my own and when she asked the question, it halted me a little bit because I was curious if it was in fact something that was supposed to be happening. I appreciate your input! Thanks in advance.
Yep - you get a ridge. That's part of what gives the blanket that Log Cabiny look and feel.

Thanks for the comments on the colors. I'm liking them more now that I have more repeats of each color.
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