Wednesday, July 26, 2006


MDK Moderne In Progress

I absolutely love all the posted dishcloths but I decided to start with the Moderne Log Cabin blanket in colors to match a spare bedroom. I graphed out my own changes to the pattern to accomodate Sugar'n Cream gauge that is different from the suggested Silky Wool but will still finish with a 60" x 50" blanket. On a #7 circular needle, I CO the first square for 55 sts knitting for a 12" square. After this first square I won't have to count rows, just pick up the BO and row edge sts (according to the directions) and garter stitch the pieces as directed to the following measurements: #2-8", #3-10", #4-10", #5-8", #6-8", #7-12", #8-12", #9-18". You can come up with your own measurements, but it sure beats keeping track of row counts and I like the drape of the blanket in this inexpensive cotton yarn. For kicks, I'm keeping track of knitting hours and have logged 17 hours to this point...

What beautiful colors. And what a gorgeous doggie!! :))))
I love the blanket and the pooch. Your dog seems to be the opposite of mine, mostly white with light brown spots.
I like the colors you picked. What a cutie pie your dog is!
great colors!!
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