Wednesday, July 26, 2006


What to do next?

Just finished up my third Absorba. I think I like this one best of the three -- the edges came out the most even, and I feel like I've really gotten the design down pat. I've pretty much decided on bath sets -- mat, hand towels and washcloths -- for Christmas gifts. Now I just need to figure out which design to use for the sets. If I use Absorba for the mat, I'll have to make the towels and washcloths in log cabin. On the other hand, I could make ballband washcloths and towels and then try to adapt that design to a bathmat...maybe using 3 or 4 strands at a time like with an Absorba. Has anyone on the list tried making a ballband bath mat? If so, how did you like it?

BTW, many thanks to whoever it was who mentioned the $1 sale on SnC at Michael's. I stopped by there today and the sale sign was nearly hidden -- I would have missed it for sure if I hadn't been looking for it. You can see how carried away I got; I think I brought home nearly every color they had! Looks like I'll be making LOTS of Christmas presents! :)

If you scroll down there are a few ballband bathmats (and handtowels) to check out. I think your absorba looks great, I've bought my yarn and am starting that next.
i didn't know about the sale at michaels, but thanks for the reminder!!!! i think i see a michael's trip in my near future!
Since you've made several Absorbas, would you please give some stats? #size needle you liked to use, how much and type yarn you like best, or what you used. Trying to figure what to buy and if we need different needles. We have #13's on hand. Still need to buy enough yarn for an absorba.
Thanks for any stats you can share. Your Absorba looks super nice.
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