Thursday, July 27, 2006


First Bib's Done!

These are the bibs I did for my brand new nephew and godson Jack. I used Sugar n' Cream and star buttons that I got at Michaels. I really liked how they came out and I am going to make more just to have on hand for last minute baby gifts. I am excited to start experimenting with different colors to see how they come out.

those are so cute! Ilove the stars!
Very cute, love the colors, the stars..........SMASHING DARLING!!
Very cute! My new plan is to have 2-3 bibs for girls & boys so when my pregnant friends find out what they're having I'm already ahead of the game! So far I'm good w/ girl bibs & need to make more boy bibs (our old PLT leader's wife just found out they're having a boy so there goes my boy stash!)

Enjoy your new godson!
I really like those. Great buttons!
I love the way the ombre patterned. That is so cool!

You did a great job. The star buttons really go well!
What cast-on do you use for your bibs?
Wow. When ombre is good, it's REALLY good. That's what's so fun about it ... never the same twice. These are so cute. What a lucky boy.
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