Thursday, July 27, 2006


My First Ballband Warshcloth

My first MD Ballband warshcloth didn't take very long. I started it about 3 PM and was finished up right after dinner (around 8). I made mine a little smaller (33 stitches instead of 45). I like smaller cloths. They are easier to wring out.

I cast on for the "opposite" colorway. I'm one repeat in and I'm not sure I like it. It may be frogged back by tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great weekend ...happy knitting.

I like how that came out!
I think it looks great, just make another one in reverse instead of frogging back.
What colors did you use? I love the way it looks. I agree with Stephanie B just make another one in reverse! Great job. I still have to make my first ballband warshcloth any helpful hints?

I've found that I don't think I'll like ANY of the ballband cloths until I'm about four stripes in. Give it time before you decide you hate it enough to rip it out. :)

I like the dark fleck in your light-colored yarn.

The colors are black and black/white ombre from Sugar and Cream.

I got it at A.C. Moore.
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