Friday, July 28, 2006


Sugar N Cream online??

I live in the boonies, (Boone to be exact) and we only have WAL-MART. I'm looking for the best "deal" on SNC online. JoAnn's seems more expensive($2.19) than Michael's ($1.49) but looks like I can't order online there. Where can I get it online (other than JoAnn's)??


I purchased some from Crafts Etc.
Jo-Ann's costs more, but they have an exclusive on the Super-size ball of SnC yarn. Solid colors are a full 4 oz. ball, variegateds are 3 ozs. So the unit price is actually better.
The best source (cheapest!) I've found for SNC is Their price is $1.38 per ball, with a flat shipping rate of $5.99. You will find SNC under the Bernat label. I've bought from them several times and never had a problem. You can also get SNC online from, and You can get Peaches & Creme online from and As far as I know, the only place to get P&C in person is Walmart.
Herrschners has a great selection of colors & has sales on it freqeuntly.
You can also order P&C directly from Elmore & Pisgah. Their website shows the bazillion colors it comes in. --Sally
Jill, thank you for asking, and Kathy, thanks for sharing all those sources--some I didn't know about. :)
If you choose Herrschners, also take a look at Village Yarn Craft Cotton, 1-lb cones for $9.97 or 2 for $15. I've never heard of that brand before, but the price is appealing. I have it on my list of yarns to check out after Summer of Stash. Like you, I only have ombre loving Walmart nearby, so I'm starved for solid color cottons!
Jen from above is right, Jo-Anns is a larger ball. Out of two balls I've gotten two baby bibs and two ball-band baby bibs, and I still have some left.
I don't see the super size S&C ball on - just the regular 2.5oz one. Maybe they only have it in stores?
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Hi Jill,

A couple of other ladies have mentioned Herrschners and I recommend them highly, too. I've ordered from them many times. The only thing that I have been the least disappointed about is that it does seem to take awhile for them to get your order to you, unless you pay more for the faster shipping. Other than that, they are great to deal with. Their selection is fantastic and their catalogs are nice, too! :)

I live in Australia and this yarn is just not sold here. I have tried all of the sites mentioned and shipping internationally is not high on their priority list. One even required a minimum purchase of $50 US.
Not Boone, NC by chance? If so, it is nice to know of another NC knitter. I am fortunate to find local supplies of suitable yarn, but thankful for this post to get other yarns to try in the future.
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